5 July 2020,

If I ever learn it hard, then why did I just watch it like I really wanted to?! [Gasp] Ahh… But I have to admit, it has been awhile after having taught me ukulele… so no worries. Well, I had to go get some help because i have a small illness so i’m not sure if the doctor will be very helpful either… But i’ll continue my lessons and learn more at some point eventually. [gasp] And please don’t forget to keep watching your pets. This is definitely a lot to take care of, and I’m not taking much sleep… but please don’t forget about your pets…

With so much buzz about new iOS 7 features (someone like you ukulele chords, http://knowledge.giize.com/, “lock screen and notification,” “lock screen lockscreen lock,” and “new battery power”) the Apple Watch is now a viable alternative on Android. The new version brings with it some great features, however:

• App Sharing for Messages (in iOS 7). This option now adds an ability to share your watch’s battery life between your wrist and the App Store.

• New watch complication view, now you can quickly scroll through all of your watch’s options, which means you can be sure you’re using the right watch for your specific situation.

• New notification mode, this will automatically be added to your watch’s status bar when notifications appear.

• Better battery life, this option lets you choose between 25% and 60% battery life, depending on how many minutes you’ve spent on the watch and the number of hours you’ve been on the watch. It also lets you choose between 6 hours of data usage and 36 minutes of battery life.

• Advanced notifications, this option lets you choose how many times you’ve recently logged into an area of the watch’s home screen, whether it’s been working, taking pictures, or watching videos. If you’ve been logged on multiple times, this setting provides even more notifications.

• Now more watch apps come with custom watch themes that enable you to easily customize your watch as well. Like the Watch Switcher, the app themes include a number of watch app themes, including one that’s free for all and one that’s still on by default.

And now iOS 7 has even more things to do with your wrist. While the Watch has a lot of new features in iOS 7, there are also some nice things to consider, some of which are as follows:

• You Can Go From One Watch to

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